Summer Breakouts-Session 2

Sessions run from June 30th - July 21st

ruth (middle school girls)

Just because it looks hopeless, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. The story of Ruth beautifully unfolds the story of God’s care in people’s lives. Your story is not over, and God is not done in your life. Join us as we study the book of Turh and see the devoted love of God and His trans-formative power in our lives.

reckless abandon (Middle school guys)

What is of greatest value to you? We pursue what we value. We valued what we love. It takes a personal commitment to Jesus Christ to fuel a love for him and to hold him as valuable. Christianity is not a list of rules and restrictions. The gospel propels you forward in ways you never could imagine. Being a follower of Jesus is about letting the gospel get into us until the things God wants in our lives are produced.

galatians (High School Guys)

Set free by the gospel of grace, the Galatian church received a letter from the Apostle Paul concerning protecting, guarding, and living in that freedom. Paul points to his own life as a testimony to the transformation of the gospel. We cannot let this gospel slip from our main focus. As we do this, it will lead to transformation and fruit of the freedom in following Jesus.

2 timothy (high school girls)

In Paul’s letter to his disciple Timothy, Paul encouraged Timothy to remember the truths that he had been taught, guard them from being corrupted or distorted, and to teach them to other trustworthy people. In our study we will learn to be a link in the chain of faith, by learning what a disciple is and how to become one, so that we too can faithfully pass on the truths of the gospel, so the message can endure generations.

Made to make a difference (middle school coed)

God created you with a purpose. He has made you to Do something with your life. How do we make a difference? God uses people like you and me to make a real impact in the world every single day. Your time is now to put into practice the active faith God has called you to.

apologetics (high school coed)

God has called Christians to engage in the world around them. We should never be surprised when the world asks us hard questions in return. We should be ready. Examine four challenging questions to Christian faith and get equipped to wrestle with them and answer them to whoever may ask. You will find your faith strengthened and courage to face difficult conversations.