Summer Breakouts-Session 1

Sessions run from May 26th - June 16th

Whisper (middle school girls)

All of us have problems. Those problems are symptoms of the reality that we struggle to hear the voice of God. God wants us to lean in and hear His voice through a whisper, so that we better understand His heart. Do you know how to listen?

Greater than (Middle school guys)

Today’s world is different. It is often a world that denies God. With questions that ask, “Is there something greater than coincidence?” “Is there something greater than your past?” “Is there something greater to live for?” Dive in to understand some key truths about God and examine for yourself what you believe. Is there truly something greater to live for?

Control (High School Guys)

Often the desire deep in our soul is CONTROL. Control over our lives, futures and authority. In this series we will explore what the Bible says about control and why it is meant to be in God’s hands. Learn about situations where we are called as Christians to give up control and live under God’s control.

dream big(high school girls)

God doesn’t just want something from you, He wants to be with you. What does it look like to Dream Big for God? It isn’t just one more thing to add to your already complicated lives. Dreaming big about the work God can do in our lives can transform the way we walk with Him. God is ready to use you now by growing your understanding of who you are in Him and taking that into your world.

I am: getting to know god (middle school coed)

Can I ask the difficult questions? Questions like, “ How can a God of love allow bad things to happen?’ or “How do I know God is speaking to me?” Wrestling with these questions can be challenging, but once you do, you will find a stronger faith on the other side. Don’t push these questions away. Ask them and ask God to help you see the answer

1 Peter (high school coed)

1 Peter is a letter to Christians who are learning to live out their faith. What does it look like to live in a way that points someone straight to God? The way we live our lives is so important. Learn about practical ways to live life well and live life for the gospel.