Students have many opportunities to get involved with our Middle School Ministry.

During the school year on Wednesdays the doors to the Student Ministry Building open at 5:30 for students to come and just hang out with each other. Then at 6:15 the Middle School students go in for a time of worship, relevant teaching that is applicable to a student's life, and a welcoming environment that caters to a students culture. This time of worship is called The VIVE and we encourage students to come and praise our Creator.

During the school year on Sundays at 9:30 AM, we have student small groups. We use small groups to teach students how to find the answers, personally, and to grow, spiritually, on their own. This is a time for the students to build relationships with their peers, develop accountability, and be invested in by adult volunteers.

Throughout the year, we have many events, camps, mission trips, retreats, etc. Please make sure to check in regularly on this website, Facebook, and Twitter for upcoming events.

Middle School Ministry is under the direction of Sam Rogers.

Middle School Ministry is under the direction of Sam Rogers.

Please contact me with any questions. You can reach me at 423.499.3042 or at