Fall Student Leadership Retreat

October 4th - 6th

Wafloy Mountain village, Gatlinburg, TN

Cost is $99.00 per student

This will be a weekend of learning what it means to be a leader, how to lead better and how to follow when needed

If you are paying with Cash/Check/Sponsor, you will need to print the above form. You can fill it out and turn it in at the Student Ministry Building on the Bonny Oaks Campus or to the Student Director on your campus.

This is a off-campus retreat that will allow students to learn more about who they are as leaders and help them build their personal leadership skills.  They will do this while also developing new friendships through teaching sessions, small group time and fun activities. Student leaders will also have plenty of opportunities to build closer relationships with adult leaders within the silverdale student ministry.  

We will plan to leave the SMB at 4:30pm on Friday, October 4th. 

Chick-fil-a boxed sandwich meals will be provided for dinner on the ride to wafloy.


*Please make sure you print and sign the above Wafloy Waiver and the Silverdale Waiver.  These can be dropped off to Tanya Patrick at the SMB or placed in the wall safe by the Coke machine in the SMB.  



  • Bedding (Sleeping bag or twin sized sheets and blanket/pillow)

  • Toiletries (Don’t forget your towel!)

  • Clothing (Daily clothing should be casual and comfortable)

  • blanket or towel that you can sit on in the grass.

  • Water bottle

  • Flashlight

  • Warmer clothes for the mornings/evenings

  • Hoodie/SWEATSHIRT/Jacket

  • Snacks (snacks aren’t necessary but are allowed)

  • BIBLE/NOTEBOOK/PEN (this will be very important to have all weekend!)

  • Small bag or backpack to keep your pen/bible/notebook in for teaching sessions

  • Come ready to learn what a leader is and how to be a better leader

  • Cell phones are allowed but there is no WIFI service and limited cell service at Wafloy. (students will not be allowed to use phones except during specific times.)