Join us for VIVE Camp 2019. VIVE Camp is our own Silverdale Student Ministry missions camp. It exist to connect students to Christ and each other, to shatter the norms of this world and challenge everyday thought. VIVE Camp is a week of God’s truth and an expression of His love. A week filled with off the wall Tribe challenges, inspirational messages, deep worship and life changing mission projects. All while hanging out with hundreds of our closest friends (or soon to be)

Camp is a time with students are pulled out of their everyday lives and dropped in an element of reality that puts them face to face with God, His word and those who love Him. It is an intentional and intense week of separation from the world, providing opportunity for students to draw closer to Christ and preparing them to face the world and live lives that passionately pursue Christ.



CAMP DATES:  July 25-28

November 14th - January 31st - $125.00
Feb 1st - April 30th - $175.00
May 1st - July 24th  $225.00

$50 Deposit Due at Registration. This deposit will hold your spot and your price. The payment in full will be due by July 25th.



vive cAMP fORMS 

Each of the forms below will need to be printed and completed for each camper. Tanya Patrick is a notary and can notarize the medical release form for you if you stop by the SMB. Once forms are completed you can drop them in the safe that is in the wall beside the Coke machine at the SMB.

All releases, forms and packing lists will be added at a later date.

Scholarship Form